Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hey my favorite family!

I love you guys so much. So right now, I'm so frustrated because I got the one computer that didnt work so hopefully they let me write for more than just 30 min because it took so long to fix! GAH!

So tomorrow we finish our 3rd week and start our 4th. DANG. How crazy is that? Were almost halfway done! I'm going to miss the CCM so much, though. The new batch of missionaries came in this week! Lots of them, too! We got two new roommates and theyre the sweetest--their names are Hermana McNevin from Colorado and Hermana Vincent from ARLINGTON TEXAS!! Crazy, right? Theyre so kind and so fun! Theyre both going to the Santiago Oeste mission. Since its our 3rd and 4th week, we got some new teachers and let me tell you...they are AMAZING! They seriously bring such an amazing spirit. Most of them don't speak English very well, but its amazing, because I feel like most of the time I don't need them to speak English for me! NOW its pretty difficult for me to speak Spanish back, that's for sure. Hahaha. It's usually a train wreck cuz it takes so long for me to come  up with something on the spot that I end up forgetting what I was trying to say!! Haha. 

I really feel like I'm progressing in the language though, and that makes me so happy. Whenever I say prayers or my testimony or even recite the First Vision in Spanish, the teachers make a point to tell me that my accent is coming along very well, and those kind of compliments are very needed. It's really hard to NOT feel pressure to learn the language faster than I can, and it's really hard to not be so hard on myself, but the teachers here do a great job of letting us know that we're doing well and that's more than I could ever ask for! Hermana Maxfield and I taught a new investigator this week named Jose Antonio, and during the lesson, the Spirit was just SO incredibly strong! After the lesson, our teacher said that he was almost in tears because of how much he was feeling the Spirit. He said we SURPASSED his expectations by a ton!! That was the greatest news ever.

I have never ever understood how you could fall in love with a culture and it's people that you don't even know, but HOLY MOLEY it's a real thing. This place is the greatest!! The people here are incrdible. I know I say that every week, but thats because its totally true!!! 

FAMILY: I just want you guys to know that I pray for you each individually, EVERY morning and night, every meal, before every lesson! I thank Heavenly Father constantly for the priveldge that I have to be in this family. BOYS, I miss  you like crazy. You would seriously love this place so much. Every morning we go and play some intense futbol games and its the BEST!!!! Sometimes as a zzone, sometimes as a district. I have some huge bruises from that! During the week, the parks are PACKED with Chileans playing futbol y basketball and buying helado from the little shacks. Its just the greatest! I know youd love it. 

Me and the wonderful Hermana Maxfield in front of the temple today. I{m realizing that were given the companions that were given for a reason. I love her so much and I{m so gratefull for the strength that she provides for me. PLEASE SEND ME PICS SO THAT I CAN DOWNLOAD THEM TO MY SD CARD AND PRINT THEM OFF NEXT PDAY I LOVE YOU LOTS!
I just want you guys to know how much I love you!! 
Hermana Randall

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