Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Today I hit my 90 day mark! I remember my dear Aunt Cammi telling me that Landon's mission president had said that it was around the 90 day mark when the balance started evening out again...when things starting FLOWING easier. Lets hope that happens soon! Haha
This week has been really good, other than my health! Ive been taking the medicine that you sent me mom (THANKYOU SO MUCH BY THE WAY, I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THAT AMAZING PACKAGE) but for some reason my stomach just hasnt improved much. I frustrated to say the least. Ive decided that Im going to call my mission doctor again this week and let him know that I need to do something about this PRONTO! I dont know what to do about it anymore. Im eating healthy, avoiding foods that wouldnt be good for my stomach, and nothing is changing. Oh well.....

Intercambios with Hermana Clawson in Sotero del Rio
...shes from California and is super sweet! Loved it.

I just have to say that I have the most AMAZING ward. The ward members are so loving and so thoughtful. Every time I go over to a members house, they give me a tea that they have bought for me, or certain herbs to put in my food.....anything to try and help me! They are precious. I love them so so much! Sundays are the best days because I get to see all of them, try and talk to them in my broken Spanish. Sometimes I get teary eyed because of how concerned they are for their missionaries and how MUCH they love us! Man, were so lucky!

Kenzie's Zone

This week I have been studying a LOT about the life of Christ, the example that He lead for us. As I have been studying the scriptures and reading MANY Liahona talks, Ive gained a much greater appreciation for my Savior and his sacrifice for us. Later on this week, I was listening to an EFY CD and this song came on...I cant remember what it is called, but it said, "I dont have the words His truth deserves." That hit me STRAIGHT in the heart, because that is literally how I feel all of the time. I have this great desire to share, this great love that makes my heart want to burst, but its almost like when I try to express my joy and my admiration, it doesnt come out in a way that can truly express the peace and the happiness that the Lord and his Gospel brings me. I love being a missionary, I cant say it enough. I love my Savior, and I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Serving a mission was the best decision I ever made. 

About a month until I get to see you guys!!!!

Hermana Randall

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hey family!!! 

I miss you guys like CRAZY! For real.....I am sorry, but can you use this for my blog...its all the time I have.

Zone Conference!!!
MOM: I miss you so much!!! How was this week? I can only imagine how wonderful it was!! Im seriously so jealous to hear about all of the family time you guys had! First of all, thank you SOOOOOO SO much mom! For sending the package, for getting the family names done....everything! Youre seriously the best and I cant thank you enough!!!! I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!! My stomach has been much better this week....Ive seen a lot of improvement which is what I have been looking for. Still cant eat anything too crazy hahaha. But Ive tried beef and fresh veggies and it hasnt made me TOO sick. Im just sticking to basic carbs...trying to plump up for the winter, you know? ;) hahaha  
Pirque is seriously so beautiful....its considered
campo because its so far out in the country!
I hope I get the chance to serve there! 
Theres miles and miles of vineyards....we happened to be walking by when
 a bunch of guys were picking off all of the bunches
of grapes and gave us some!!! I love Pirque.

Today we started our next change! So in 6 weeks from today, Hermana Garcia will be leaving and its freaking me out! AHHHH. Freaks me out because Ill most likely be taking over this sector. Wow. I love Hermana Garcia so much....she truly is a great missionary with a really big heart and I look up to her a ton. We are teaching lots of people just not seeing much progression. Remember Samuel?? This week weve visited him twice....both times I wasnt there...I was on intercambios (splits)...and hes struggling. At first he said he didnt want to pray, now its that he feels like he hasnt received any answers. BUT I have confidence and faith that he will. Mom, I just cant believe how close to the Savior I feel out here. I love my calling. I love the opportunity I have to bring people the good news of the Gospel. ITS THE BEST.
When we moved out of our old pension...took FOREVER 
to clean and forever to get all of our junk together!

Lunch with GREAT PEOPLE!!!

Yes!!! We were switching houses last week and Hermana Jimenez was sick....turns out she had a bad sinus infection! But her comp didnt know how to get to the CCM/temple, so Hermana Garcia asked me to take her!! As you can imagine, that made me feel like a million bucks because I actually felt SMART!!! hahaha. Fortunately, we ran into Hermana Saavedra and Hermano Antileo and were so excited to see them. That was really great! I always love seeing them....its almost like a "recharge" if that makes sense. haha. YOU THINK I LOOK THIN??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? First of all, best compliment ever because I always feel like a potato out here. haha. Thank you for updating me on all of those missionaries mom! I can't believe so many friends are getting their calls! IM SO EXCITED FOR THEM!!!!! Mom I love you so much and miss you like crazy!!!

KOY: Koy!!! Oh my gosh dude, Im so happy to hear that you had such a great time with Blaze and his awesome family!!!! hahaha dude that story made me laugh cuz I could honestly just picture your guys faces with SHEER TERROR when you realized you were going down a black! That kills me! What a freaking fun trip!!! Was colorado beautiful??? Ive heard so many amazing things about it. Did the mountains remind you of Alaska? Why the poo didnt you take pictures and if you did why didnt you send me any???? hahaha. Lately, Ive been missing AK a lot. Im not sure why....it just has a really special place in my heart. Was it good seeing nana and papa??? And being together with all of the cousins? Im super jealous you guys were all together, but so happy you all had that time!!! I love you so much Koy. I hope you know that! Cant wait until mothers day! ONLY LIKE 7 MORE WEEKS!!!!

Eli: Eli boy! Whats up dude!! How was Spring break?? Was it so good to see nana and papa? CRAZY!! I hear its starting to warm up there! It is still so hot here! THank you so much for praying for my tummy....my stomach needs your prayers. BIG TIME! Are you so excited to get started back with school?? woooohoooo that sounds so fun! hahaha I bet youre excited to see all of your friends, right?? I miss you so much bud. Dont you ever forget it. I love you tons and tons and am so proud of you!
REALLY cool wall here near the Plaza of Puente Alto....
we pass it all the time and every time I go crazy
 over how much I love it!! hahaha

Kade: Kadeeee!!! Dude Im so glad to hear about the Rice Trip! Oh my gosh I can only imagine how beautiful it was....did you see any cute girls? no? good. hahaha. Thats really awesome that you were able to do that though. Even if you dont think its the school for you, NOW you know what you want and youve narrowed down some of your choices right? Dang thats priceless! Im so excited to hear about your whole JOURNEY looking for schools and majors and stuff. Im so glad to hear that Alec and you are becoming so close. That makes me happy! I love that kid. Tell him that his hair cut is SWEET. Was is good to see Nana and Papa? I bet Nana just loved being with you guys. You especially are just so loving to her and I know she really appreciates that. I miss you so much Kade! I know you guys have started up school again, but Im happy you get to see friends and get back into a routine!!!! I miss you and love you tons!!!

Dad: Daddy!!! How in the world are you???? I miss you like crazy! First of all, I was able to go to Pirque this week and it was flipping awesome. It honestly reminded me a lot of Alaska in a way....and then of course it made me start thinking of Alaska and of how much I miss it and of how much I want to go back. Seriously...I consider it such a priveledge to have lived there and experienced the ALaskan life! Haha. But Pirque was amazing...the people are so humble and receptive there as well. The mountains of course arent comparable to AK when theyre covered in smog, but they were still something to behold. The trees were so green, the vineyards so lush. Ive decided that Im going to start praying to be sent there for my second area!!! hahaha I feel like I would absolutely love it there! Craziest thing....Hermana Wright told me that a man had come up to her and asked about a Hermana Randall...turns out it was Brother Cottam!! He wants to come surprise me in my ward one sunday, I dont think im supposed to know that. THEN a sweet man in my ward came and told me the same thing!! THEN I saw Hermano Antileo, one of my MTC teachers, and he said he knows Brother Cottam as well!! ITs crazy how small of a world it is....especially in the church, and especially in Chile! I really look forward to meeting him!

Had a Relief society Visiting teaching activity yesterday
 and it was awesome! Im getting to know these women
 so well and feeling so much closer to them!!! 

I have some good news about the language. Im starting to see progression, Dad! Its the best feeling ever. Not a whole ton, but these last several days Ive started noticing that I can understand much more and respond faster, instead of having to think it out in my mind. I flipping love this language and I cant wait till I can communicate the way I want to. Do you have any study tips for me?? Like for what in particular helped you during your language study? Ive hear that reading the Book of Mormon and Liahonas outloud to work on your accent is good....what else?? Ill take anything you got, dad!!! Im so glad to hear that Spring break was so pleasant for you! That makes me so happy. Im really glad you were able to see Nana and Papa too, AND Tony! Was that a total surpirse??? Were you able to use your Spanish a lot with him?? I know what you mean about family gatherings and interactions bringing you joy....a lot of times I just like to observe the way our cousins and my uncles and aunts interact. Im sooooo grateful for your and moms decision to raise us in a way that we actually know who our family is, we have real and meaningful relationships with them that will last our entire lives and Im SO THANKFUL for that. Youll never know! I love you so much Dad, and miss you like crazy!! I hope work and everything goes well this week! And remember... if you have some time, sit down, clear your head, and read the Book of Mormon. Ive found that in this crazy mission like, it brings me so much peace. I love you!!!

Love always,

Hermana Randall

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

HOLA FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!! I hope youve all had a wonderful week...Im getting on the computer late because the computers were all full at the place that we normally go to, so we had to RUN across town to another place! I love you guys so much though. I hope you know that. Im going to try and send some pictures too!!

The grapes are delicious here!

First of all...Eli boy!! Ive been thinking about you a lot this week, especially yesterday! AH Im so glad that you did such a great job at passing the sacrament! I wish I couldve been there!! FOR REAL! Mom and Dad both said that you looked so confident, like you had been doing it for years! Thats awesome, bud. Eli, the priesthood is going to be such a blessing in your life! These past couple of weeks, Ive needed blessings because Ive been so sick, and its AMAZING how much comfort they give! Holding the Aaronic Priesthood is the first BIG step and Im so so SO proud of you!!! So is our Heavenly Father. 

Kade, I heard all about how great Eli´s ordination went, and I just want to say how PROUD of you I am. Being a worthy priesthood holder is such an honor and a priveledge. Seriously. Being on my mission, I have already seen so many miracles take place through the laying on of hands. Always remember how SPECIAL and PRECIOUS the power of the priesthood is. AH I wish so badly that I couldve been there. For real. SO BADLY. Btw, thank you soooooo so so so much for you card, Kade. I loved it. It made me cry, as always.

Koy, I hope you're having fun skiing right now. I loved getting a separate email from you all the way from Colorado! Thanks for thinking of me bud! Don't break anything okay, and have fun with Blaze and his family. They seem like such good people! Mothers Day isnt too far, right?
My PICTURE WALL....this gets me through the rough days!

Mom, WOW where do I even begin??? I miss you soooooooo flipping much its not funny!! Haha like really, youre the best, mom. First of all, I read your email today while we were out and about and I promise Ill try and do better about giving details about my life!!! I keep forgetting to do that because I wanna know how YALL are doing! My week has been a little better than last week, but not a whole lot. When I dont eat, I feel fine! But when I eat things that upset me...still trying to figure those things out...I feel so sick. Its really frustrating. I only eat rice, oatmeal, boiled chicken, noodles, bread, and the occasional fruit like apples and bananas. but some members dont really understand that other stuff makes me sick. UGH! Im still trying to figure it out. 

 We havent moved yet...we have to be out of our house this Wednesday, and we didnt end up getting the house that we needed, so we have to go live with some other Hermanas for a while until we can find a new one!! 
Today we went to visit some other Hermanas....had a blast!

All of my chocolate melted on the way here!!! hahaha

A typical day in the life of Hermana Randall goes like this: We wake up at 7:30 here, because Chileans get started much later in the day! We have 30 minutes of exercise in the morning and then an hour to get ready for the day!! During this time, its really nice to just take my time preparing, clean up some things, listen to music while getting ready...stuff like that. At 9, we begin personal study for an hour WHICH IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER. After that, we have companion study for 2 hours because Im training, and then at 12, we have language study! One thing I love about our mission, well the Chile missions, is that they put a big emphasis on language study for EVERYONE, including Latinos. The church has an English program with books and lessons, so during lang study, Latinos study and practice English! Its wayyyy cool. Normally we have lunch around 1:30 with a member of our ward. Lunch is the main meal of the day here, so when we eat, it usually keeps me full for most of the day!! For the rest of the day, we have appointments with members, less actives, recent converts, and investigators. Around 9:30 PM we head back to the house to be back by 10 or 10:30 at the latest. Thats when we start daily planning, which is VERY important!! Then were in bed by 11:30. I honestly love the missionary schedule, because Im never too tired, but never TOO rested to where Im totally out of it. Hahaha never thought Id say that!!!
Hermana Garcias converts from her last sector, ñuñoa, came to visit her on Sunday!!!! Theyre amazing!

Dang, I was so happy to hear about this past Sunday. It sounded like a REALLY great one!! From what Ive heard, Carina sounds so awesome! If shes anything like Brittan, she must be really great! I cant wait to meet her, and Im sooo happy the boys were able to go to that fireside.

Wow, this past week has been crazy for me, in a wonderful way. My testimony has grown so much, mom. I have had SO many prayers answered....directly. Ive noticed that it wasnt something that happened suddenly, byut very gradually. I just have to do my part. I want you guys to know that I love this Gospel more than anything. My Savior is my best friend. Every time I read the Book of Mormon, I feel this incredible joy that I cant even begin to describe. Its nothing like Ive ever felt before. Im so beyond grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary. As dificult as it is, I woundlt trade it for anything. 

I miss you so much mom! I got the package last week and loved it SO much. Thank you for sending it! I dont think theres anything else I need........I want to say candy and junk food, but my tummy cant take that!!!!!! I hope I get yours and dads letters tomorrow! I miss you so much!
Really cool wall in Cordillera! Love what it says!

Dad: Dad!! How in the world are you?? I miss you I miss you I miss you like CRAZY!!! I hope you know that!! I cant wait to hear about your trip to Houston! Tell the Brechters that I say hi, okay?? Thank you so much for taking care of the missionaries like that....now that I AM one, I realize how important ward members are!!! They are such a HUGE support to us and I honestly had no idea. Theres this one family in our ward....theyre converts of two years, Hermano Mario and Hermana Sara. They have to kids and hes the ward mission leader. Theyre AMAZING and so loving and so kind and so enthusiatic!! We have lunch with them every Friday.... not only does she cook like an angel, but theyre always willing to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to help us, even if its inconvenient for them! Granted, half of the time I cant understand what theyre saying, but that doesnt matter! I still feel their love and thats what counts right now!!! 

My Spanish is.... progressing. Little by little. Honestly, Im pretty frustrated with it. Sometimes I feel like Ive plateaued SO hard. It doesnt help that sometimes I feel like poor Hermana Garcia gets frustrated with me asking her to help me or translate for me all the time. DANG DAD!
Metro this morning

YES everyone has cellphones here, Dad. Its crazy! Even if their house is tiny and they dont have many things, they ALWAYS have a cell phone and a TV!!!! Its the craziest thing ever! We ride the micros and the metros all the time!!!! Hahahaha every time Im on the micro, I feel like Im going to die. The drivers are insane. CRAZY I tell ya!!!! The Metro is really nice though....but when you go early in the morning during TACO TIME when everyone is going to school and work, its like sardines. I had my first experience like that this past week and it was crazy. For an entire 20 minutes I was squished so hard between two people that I thought I was going to pass out or throw up. Hahahaha I was thinking of you the whole time!!
OH, tell this to mom too...but our roommates had a baptism this past Sunday and I played the piano for a musical number and then at Zone Conference, Hermana and President Wright asked me to put a musical number together with our pension!!! Its way cool! I love playing the piano so much, Dad. Its such a comfort and a stress reliever for me! 
I love you so much!!!! And miss you like crazy! 
Hermana Jimenez and Hermana Mayor...their investigator Nelly was baptized this Sunday! It was so beautiful! Hermano Mario, our ward mission leader, baptized her.

Me and my roommates

Well, I pray you all have a great week and I can't wait to talk to you hear from you again next week! I miss you all soo

Hermana Randall

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This week has been one of the most discouraging weeks of my life. Its had its HIGHEST highs and LOWEST lows. Ill start from the beginning. 

My PDAY was absolutely fantastic. Two of my favorite teachers at the CCM surprised me by coming all the way to Cordillera. It was such a wonderful surprise!!!! I missed them more than I ever imagined. That night I went to bed happy, and woke up at 3am on my birthday, vomiting. I was sicker than a dog! I didnt sleep more than 3 hours that night, and ended up dragging myself to our Clase de Zona that day. My companion, Hermana Garcia came down with it, too! We were miserable!

All day I had this constant prayer in my head, constantly asking for strength, the strength to get through this trial, that I might have some sort of relief. Because it was my birthday, I was already SUPER homesick! I was missing the love of my family, and especially the comfort of my momma. Well, I can tell you this. The Lord answers prayers. After the meeting, I received two packages from my family that I had been waiting for for weeks. What was in those packages was an answer, a HUGE answer to my prayers. I needed the comfort of those packages! Honestly, if I had received them before, they wouldnt have been as precious to me. All week, Ive been miserably sick, and finally went to the doctor on Saturday...found out that I probably had the FLU thats been going around, but now I have ulcers in my stomach. My diet is very limited, and I have to rest a lot. At first, I was very bitter about this. All I wanted was to be able to work my hardest, to be the best missionary that I can be. I want to be helping others, not be in the position where everyone has to be taking care of me! 

My wonderful companion and roommates surprised me with this wonderful surprise the night of my birthday! I couldnt eat the cake and still cant, but it was amazing. I started crying so hard. I needed to feel love, and dang, they made me feel it tremendously!!!

Gifts they got for me....its only been 5 weeks and they know me so well!!!

During this week, I finally realized through all of this that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us. God doesnt have a generic, one size fits all plan that covers all of His children...but a very detailed, specific, personal plan for each of us. This brings me so much comfort. Many times I feel so inadequate, not good enough. Right now, I feel pretty week, like I possibly cant have the strength to keep on going! BUT I do know that I was called to be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints here in Santiago, Chile for a reason that only the Lord knows. He didnt call me here because He knew I would fail, but because He trusts me, and knows that Im strong enough to do it. As discouraged and frustrated as I get sometimes, I have peace because I know that if I do my best, whatever happens is the will of my Father in Heaven.

In D&C 122:7, the Lord is speaking to Joseph Smith, as he sat in Liberty jail, away from his family, away from all that he knew and loved. He was living in terrible conditions for months, while his fellow saints were driven out of their homes, leaving all that they have ever known behind. During this time, the Lord tells Joseph, "And if thou shouldst be cast into the pit, or into the hands of murderers and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the deep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to hedge up the way, and above all, if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good...for God shall be with you forever and ever."

Everyone has their own trials, their own tests and challenges in this life. But I know that if we respond to these trials with faith because of our knowledge that God is with us, we will be blessed mightily. 

I love you all!

Hermana Randall


I went on divisions in Diego Portales!! I LOVE the city of Florida and I love the Hermanas there!!!!!!! It was the week of the Choclo (Corn) Festival! Everything was made from corn! It was delicious!

The Hermanas from Diego Portales. They're awesome!

The city of Florida
I love the mountains here!

Choclo Festival - I was stuffed!

Pretending to be the Choclo Festival Princess

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hello family and friends,

Its been another wonderful week in the beautiful country of CHILE!
Kinda cool news, but tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! Not just any birthday, but my 20th birthday. Holy cow. I cant believe it, honestly. Sometimes I still feel like Im a 14 year old, wanting to explore the world!! 

First of all, some of my MTC (called the CCM here) instructors came to visit me on my Pday to wish me a Happy Birthday! Wow! That just made my month! Since they became my family for 6 weeks, it kind of helped my homesickness go away for a little while. Thank you! Y'all will always be family to me!
Hermana Saavedra

 Then, I got to read my emails full of birthday wishes and fun pictures of my family holding birthday signs! Wow! Tender mercies...

 Earlier this week, I got a pretty bad cold...probably the sickest Ive been in a long time. The worst part was that I couldnt just lay in bed, watch TV, hang out with my mom! There was no time for rest! But I am much much better now thanks to the amazing members of our ward.  The members were so sweet, and every time we went over to someones house, they would give me more medicine to try and get rid of the gross cough!! Ill be okay though, so dont even worry! I just feel awful cuz I gave it to poor Hermana Garcia!!!!! Gosh, its just the worst. We got our water fixed!!! Now we have hot water like 90 percent of the time, which is a lot better than what it was. Im pretty sure were moving houses this week!! The one we found is super nice and in a really nice neighborhood. Ill send you pictures next week if I can!! Though its really hard for me to communicate with the members in our ward, theyre so loving and kind. So grateful for them!

Hopefully tomorrow I get a package!! I really really hope so!!! Thank you so much for being the best mom EVER and sending me more music!! Me and Hermana Garcia are pretty sick of the same 40 songs that I have on my ipod!!!! haha better than nothing though!! I love you all like crazy! Can you please do me a favor and text Chelsea and tell her that I love them and to give the kids a big hug from me, especially to Casen! Ive been thinking about him a lot lately. And tell her just to send the class letters to the mission home address!!! I love you tons and cant wait to get your letter!!! 

Coolest thing ever happened this past week. Theres this investigator named Samuel, hes about 75 years old. The CUTEST man, reminds me of the old man on Up! Hes been taught by missionaries for a year, and hes been asked to make the commitment to be baptized many many times and its always the same answer--thats hes been a member of another church for his entire life, and doesnt want to change that. Well, we had a lesson with him this week, and me and Hermana Garcia just really felt like we needed to ask him again, even though we knew he might say no. During the lesson, the Spirit was so strong...it was the greatest feeling of peace and love. I bore my testimony, in broken Spanish, and in that moment the words just came to me. Its funny how that works....in the times when you most need the words, the Holy Ghost brings them to your remembrance. Hermana Garcia looked at me after I was done, and I knew what that meant! I asked him to be baptized, and after explaining that he KNEW what we had taught him was true, he said yes to the 22nd of March. We asked him to pray about his decision, I have complete faith that he will receieve an answer from our Heavenly Father. I know that when we ask God with real intent, with an open heart and mind, that we will always receieve answers! Maybe not always when we expect them to come, or in the way that we want them to come. But our Father in Heaven knows us inside and out and is completely aware of our wants and needs! We just need to ask!

Chilean food, man. Its the bomb-dot-com. I just want to say that every single day I eat so much that I feel like Im going to be sick. The people here are so giving and gracious, and when they feed us, they just give us as much as they can. Im so thankful for their kindness and love, I just wish my stomach was bigger!!! Haha. I do like the custom of starting with a salad, then a soup, then the entree....which is ginormous, and then the postre, or dessert. MUY RICO, thats all I can say!

I went on divisions this week and last week to Diego Portales, in the little town of Florida! I love that community so much. And I love the hermanas that I got to know! The ward had a Choclo Fest, and we ate EVERYTHING corn. It was amazing. I love CHILE!!

If anyone is on the fence about serving a mission, I want to tell you DO IT! Do it do it do it. Its the greatest adventure of your life. You will feel like you lose yourself, but thats beause you need to find yourself. You will never regret it. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Hermana Randall