Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hello family and friends,

Its been another wonderful week in the beautiful country of CHILE!
Kinda cool news, but tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! Not just any birthday, but my 20th birthday. Holy cow. I cant believe it, honestly. Sometimes I still feel like Im a 14 year old, wanting to explore the world!! 

First of all, some of my MTC (called the CCM here) instructors came to visit me on my Pday to wish me a Happy Birthday! Wow! That just made my month! Since they became my family for 6 weeks, it kind of helped my homesickness go away for a little while. Thank you! Y'all will always be family to me!
Hermana Saavedra

 Then, I got to read my emails full of birthday wishes and fun pictures of my family holding birthday signs! Wow! Tender mercies...

 Earlier this week, I got a pretty bad cold...probably the sickest Ive been in a long time. The worst part was that I couldnt just lay in bed, watch TV, hang out with my mom! There was no time for rest! But I am much much better now thanks to the amazing members of our ward.  The members were so sweet, and every time we went over to someones house, they would give me more medicine to try and get rid of the gross cough!! Ill be okay though, so dont even worry! I just feel awful cuz I gave it to poor Hermana Garcia!!!!! Gosh, its just the worst. We got our water fixed!!! Now we have hot water like 90 percent of the time, which is a lot better than what it was. Im pretty sure were moving houses this week!! The one we found is super nice and in a really nice neighborhood. Ill send you pictures next week if I can!! Though its really hard for me to communicate with the members in our ward, theyre so loving and kind. So grateful for them!

Hopefully tomorrow I get a package!! I really really hope so!!! Thank you so much for being the best mom EVER and sending me more music!! Me and Hermana Garcia are pretty sick of the same 40 songs that I have on my ipod!!!! haha better than nothing though!! I love you all like crazy! Can you please do me a favor and text Chelsea and tell her that I love them and to give the kids a big hug from me, especially to Casen! Ive been thinking about him a lot lately. And tell her just to send the class letters to the mission home address!!! I love you tons and cant wait to get your letter!!! 

Coolest thing ever happened this past week. Theres this investigator named Samuel, hes about 75 years old. The CUTEST man, reminds me of the old man on Up! Hes been taught by missionaries for a year, and hes been asked to make the commitment to be baptized many many times and its always the same answer--thats hes been a member of another church for his entire life, and doesnt want to change that. Well, we had a lesson with him this week, and me and Hermana Garcia just really felt like we needed to ask him again, even though we knew he might say no. During the lesson, the Spirit was so strong...it was the greatest feeling of peace and love. I bore my testimony, in broken Spanish, and in that moment the words just came to me. Its funny how that works....in the times when you most need the words, the Holy Ghost brings them to your remembrance. Hermana Garcia looked at me after I was done, and I knew what that meant! I asked him to be baptized, and after explaining that he KNEW what we had taught him was true, he said yes to the 22nd of March. We asked him to pray about his decision, I have complete faith that he will receieve an answer from our Heavenly Father. I know that when we ask God with real intent, with an open heart and mind, that we will always receieve answers! Maybe not always when we expect them to come, or in the way that we want them to come. But our Father in Heaven knows us inside and out and is completely aware of our wants and needs! We just need to ask!

Chilean food, man. Its the bomb-dot-com. I just want to say that every single day I eat so much that I feel like Im going to be sick. The people here are so giving and gracious, and when they feed us, they just give us as much as they can. Im so thankful for their kindness and love, I just wish my stomach was bigger!!! Haha. I do like the custom of starting with a salad, then a soup, then the entree....which is ginormous, and then the postre, or dessert. MUY RICO, thats all I can say!

I went on divisions this week and last week to Diego Portales, in the little town of Florida! I love that community so much. And I love the hermanas that I got to know! The ward had a Choclo Fest, and we ate EVERYTHING corn. It was amazing. I love CHILE!!

If anyone is on the fence about serving a mission, I want to tell you DO IT! Do it do it do it. Its the greatest adventure of your life. You will feel like you lose yourself, but thats beause you need to find yourself. You will never regret it. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Hermana Randall

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