Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hey family!!! 

I miss you guys like CRAZY! For real.....I am sorry, but can you use this for my blog...its all the time I have.

Zone Conference!!!
MOM: I miss you so much!!! How was this week? I can only imagine how wonderful it was!! Im seriously so jealous to hear about all of the family time you guys had! First of all, thank you SOOOOOO SO much mom! For sending the package, for getting the family names done....everything! Youre seriously the best and I cant thank you enough!!!! I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!! My stomach has been much better this week....Ive seen a lot of improvement which is what I have been looking for. Still cant eat anything too crazy hahaha. But Ive tried beef and fresh veggies and it hasnt made me TOO sick. Im just sticking to basic carbs...trying to plump up for the winter, you know? ;) hahaha  
Pirque is seriously so beautiful....its considered
campo because its so far out in the country!
I hope I get the chance to serve there! 
Theres miles and miles of vineyards....we happened to be walking by when
 a bunch of guys were picking off all of the bunches
of grapes and gave us some!!! I love Pirque.

Today we started our next change! So in 6 weeks from today, Hermana Garcia will be leaving and its freaking me out! AHHHH. Freaks me out because Ill most likely be taking over this sector. Wow. I love Hermana Garcia so much....she truly is a great missionary with a really big heart and I look up to her a ton. We are teaching lots of people just not seeing much progression. Remember Samuel?? This week weve visited him twice....both times I wasnt there...I was on intercambios (splits)...and hes struggling. At first he said he didnt want to pray, now its that he feels like he hasnt received any answers. BUT I have confidence and faith that he will. Mom, I just cant believe how close to the Savior I feel out here. I love my calling. I love the opportunity I have to bring people the good news of the Gospel. ITS THE BEST.
When we moved out of our old pension...took FOREVER 
to clean and forever to get all of our junk together!

Lunch with GREAT PEOPLE!!!

Yes!!! We were switching houses last week and Hermana Jimenez was sick....turns out she had a bad sinus infection! But her comp didnt know how to get to the CCM/temple, so Hermana Garcia asked me to take her!! As you can imagine, that made me feel like a million bucks because I actually felt SMART!!! hahaha. Fortunately, we ran into Hermana Saavedra and Hermano Antileo and were so excited to see them. That was really great! I always love seeing them....its almost like a "recharge" if that makes sense. haha. YOU THINK I LOOK THIN??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? First of all, best compliment ever because I always feel like a potato out here. haha. Thank you for updating me on all of those missionaries mom! I can't believe so many friends are getting their calls! IM SO EXCITED FOR THEM!!!!! Mom I love you so much and miss you like crazy!!!

KOY: Koy!!! Oh my gosh dude, Im so happy to hear that you had such a great time with Blaze and his awesome family!!!! hahaha dude that story made me laugh cuz I could honestly just picture your guys faces with SHEER TERROR when you realized you were going down a black! That kills me! What a freaking fun trip!!! Was colorado beautiful??? Ive heard so many amazing things about it. Did the mountains remind you of Alaska? Why the poo didnt you take pictures and if you did why didnt you send me any???? hahaha. Lately, Ive been missing AK a lot. Im not sure why....it just has a really special place in my heart. Was it good seeing nana and papa??? And being together with all of the cousins? Im super jealous you guys were all together, but so happy you all had that time!!! I love you so much Koy. I hope you know that! Cant wait until mothers day! ONLY LIKE 7 MORE WEEKS!!!!

Eli: Eli boy! Whats up dude!! How was Spring break?? Was it so good to see nana and papa? CRAZY!! I hear its starting to warm up there! It is still so hot here! THank you so much for praying for my tummy....my stomach needs your prayers. BIG TIME! Are you so excited to get started back with school?? woooohoooo that sounds so fun! hahaha I bet youre excited to see all of your friends, right?? I miss you so much bud. Dont you ever forget it. I love you tons and tons and am so proud of you!
REALLY cool wall here near the Plaza of Puente Alto....
we pass it all the time and every time I go crazy
 over how much I love it!! hahaha

Kade: Kadeeee!!! Dude Im so glad to hear about the Rice Trip! Oh my gosh I can only imagine how beautiful it was....did you see any cute girls? no? good. hahaha. Thats really awesome that you were able to do that though. Even if you dont think its the school for you, NOW you know what you want and youve narrowed down some of your choices right? Dang thats priceless! Im so excited to hear about your whole JOURNEY looking for schools and majors and stuff. Im so glad to hear that Alec and you are becoming so close. That makes me happy! I love that kid. Tell him that his hair cut is SWEET. Was is good to see Nana and Papa? I bet Nana just loved being with you guys. You especially are just so loving to her and I know she really appreciates that. I miss you so much Kade! I know you guys have started up school again, but Im happy you get to see friends and get back into a routine!!!! I miss you and love you tons!!!

Dad: Daddy!!! How in the world are you???? I miss you like crazy! First of all, I was able to go to Pirque this week and it was flipping awesome. It honestly reminded me a lot of Alaska in a way....and then of course it made me start thinking of Alaska and of how much I miss it and of how much I want to go back. Seriously...I consider it such a priveledge to have lived there and experienced the ALaskan life! Haha. But Pirque was amazing...the people are so humble and receptive there as well. The mountains of course arent comparable to AK when theyre covered in smog, but they were still something to behold. The trees were so green, the vineyards so lush. Ive decided that Im going to start praying to be sent there for my second area!!! hahaha I feel like I would absolutely love it there! Craziest thing....Hermana Wright told me that a man had come up to her and asked about a Hermana Randall...turns out it was Brother Cottam!! He wants to come surprise me in my ward one sunday, I dont think im supposed to know that. THEN a sweet man in my ward came and told me the same thing!! THEN I saw Hermano Antileo, one of my MTC teachers, and he said he knows Brother Cottam as well!! ITs crazy how small of a world it is....especially in the church, and especially in Chile! I really look forward to meeting him!

Had a Relief society Visiting teaching activity yesterday
 and it was awesome! Im getting to know these women
 so well and feeling so much closer to them!!! 

I have some good news about the language. Im starting to see progression, Dad! Its the best feeling ever. Not a whole ton, but these last several days Ive started noticing that I can understand much more and respond faster, instead of having to think it out in my mind. I flipping love this language and I cant wait till I can communicate the way I want to. Do you have any study tips for me?? Like for what in particular helped you during your language study? Ive hear that reading the Book of Mormon and Liahonas outloud to work on your accent is good....what else?? Ill take anything you got, dad!!! Im so glad to hear that Spring break was so pleasant for you! That makes me so happy. Im really glad you were able to see Nana and Papa too, AND Tony! Was that a total surpirse??? Were you able to use your Spanish a lot with him?? I know what you mean about family gatherings and interactions bringing you joy....a lot of times I just like to observe the way our cousins and my uncles and aunts interact. Im sooooo grateful for your and moms decision to raise us in a way that we actually know who our family is, we have real and meaningful relationships with them that will last our entire lives and Im SO THANKFUL for that. Youll never know! I love you so much Dad, and miss you like crazy!! I hope work and everything goes well this week! And remember... if you have some time, sit down, clear your head, and read the Book of Mormon. Ive found that in this crazy mission like, it brings me so much peace. I love you!!!

Love always,

Hermana Randall

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