Friday, July 31, 2015

My dear family and friends,

Cambios, changes, have been made in the mission....and I AM STAYING IN CORDILLERA WITH HERMANA VALLADARES! I am so happy to say the least, because we have the most incredible ward and the most amazing investigators and I am so so so thankful for the opportunity to be in this sector just a little bit longer. Something pretty sad is that Hermana Jimenez, who was in the CCM with me, who came with me into the field, and who has lived with me for 7 months straight, has changes and is moving to another sector. She has ALWAYS been the one to make me laugh, cry with me, she is like my sister. I am going to miss her like CRAZY.

Add these are our ZONE TSHIRTS! hahaha my district leader is a goof and picked out the colors, not a big fan but I love Cordillera.

This week has been pretty rough because on top of everything, I got tonsillitis and had to take two different antibiotics and still feel pretty darn crummy but it doesnt even matter because I am in love with our investigators. Seriously. Its been almost "healing" in a way for me. To know them, to have the relationship that I have with them. Not this Sunday, but the next, our investigator Beatrice, the sweetest most loving 12 year old ever, is going to get baptized and hopefully her mom soon after! It makes me so happy because every time we are with them, they are just so eager to learn, and so loving! The mom (also named Beatrice) was going through a deep depression when we found her, when I was struggling so hard....and now she is doing so much better and hugs and cries and thanks us every time.
The Novayesky Miranda family....Mauricio is less active and his wife Fransisca is one of our investigators and their PRECIOUS son, Bruno! they came to church this Sunday and it was so great!!!!

Samuel, Gloria, and Pascal!! They have baptism dates and they are the most amazing, receptive family!!!!!!!

We have another family--a family of three. Samuel and Gloria are the parents, and Pascal is the daughter and shes 19 years old. We contacted Samuel a while ago when he happened to be outside of his house and he said we could pass by...when we did, he wasnt there, but his daughter Pascal said we could come in and wait for him! So we began to talk to her. Eventually, after our 3rd visit, the mom, Gloria, who also suffers from depression, came out of her hiding place (her room...haha) and admitted that she had been listening the whole time and now wants to know more. We go every Sunday and teach them the lessons and they are just incredible. This past lesson we taught them about the Restoration of this Gospel....and it was my turn to talk about the First Vision and Joseph Smith. All i can say is that the Spirit was so strong and after I quoted the first vision and testified ( while i had tears in my eyes) Pascal was bawling! It was such a great feeling. They tell us that they notice a HUGE difference in their week when their hermanas dont come to visit. I love them so much.  

I just want to say that love heals. Love heals whatever wounds we have. Not just the love that we have for other people, or the love that people have for us, but the love of Jesus Christ. His love is so pure and so perfect that no matter how hurt we are or how deep the wound is, His love can fix it. I am so thankful for my Savior. He has literally saved me, over and over again.
I love you allllll so much.

Hermana Kenzie

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hermana Randall didn't send an email this week, but in our email messaging back and forth, seems to be having a good week. She has met her new mission president, President Morgan, and said he is amazing and inspired! It's the middle of winter there, down in the 30's at she's trying to keep warm! Hopefully we'll hear more from her next week.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hey my dear family,

i just wanted to let you know that i love you so much, more than you could ever know!

Kade and Koy...I'm so SOOOO glad you guys had such a great experience at EFY! Seriously, that makes me so happy! Hold on to those feelings that you guys felt so strongly and never forget about them!!

Eli, I miss and love you and I'm so glad your foot is feeling better and that your tooth looks great!  WOOHOO!

Mom and Dad, I love you both so much. I want you guys to know that even though I'm  struggling a lot, I know that this church is true and the Book of Mormon has been like an anchor to me. It has helped me through my hardest days. I love my Savior and I love this gospel. I love you guys!


Only one pic this week...Me and Hermana Jiminez

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

 Family and Friends,

Chile won Copa America 2015, in case anyone was wondering. Game day we had to be locked inside our pensions from 5 and on. SERIOUSLY the craziest, funniest thing to be sitting inside our pension "studying" (haha we actually were studying i promise) but also with the windows opening, listening for the cheers of literally the entire country. haha. In all seriousness, I love the pride that this country has. Its the kind of feeling that makes you just fall in love with the culture, with the people, makes you want to be a part of it! But let me tell you, when el partido ended, the world went craaaazy. Screaming, sirens, crazy people in the streets chanting and burning things and smashing car windows...nah just kidding about the last two. But really. Hahaha it was the best thing ever. Im pretty sure if we had been outside IN it, as missionaries, wouldnt have been so cool. But WAY TO GO CHILE. (Btw one of my best friends since the beginning, Hermana Jimenez is the proudest Argentina you will ever you could say it was really hard for her to swallow this defeat.)

2. Happy 4th of July! Dang...that is one holiday that I truly miss. As I just babbled on and on about how much I love Chile, The United States is my home forever and ever and I am SO PROUD to be an American.

3. We met President and Hermana Morgan this week!! They seem so awesome! I am very excited for this new time with them...even though I will miss the Wrights so much!

4. "And after their temptation and much tribulation, behold, I, the Lord, will feel after them, and if they harden not their hearts, and stiffen not their necks against me, they shall be converted, and I will heal them." (D&C 112:13) My dear companion helped me a lot with this scripture this week. With the challenges and difficulties that I have been going through for the past two changes, there have been times when I have hardened my heart. When I have almost felt so low where I have felt like no one could help me. But this scripture tells us that the Lord feels after us AFTER these times (and I love how in spanish it says, that "I the Lord, los buscaré" which means He will search for us, He will look for us. Then it says, that if we DONT harden our hearts, and try our best to get through our afflictions with His help, we will be converted and he will heal us. I know that the Lord is on my side helping me, even when I feel like sometimes He has forgotten about me. He never forgets about us. He is always looking to heal us.
I am grateful for this opportunity to learn and to grow.

Hermana Randall

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hello family and friends,

La familia Galvez. This family has been through so much
 and they are such incredible people. Its been such a privilege
 to get to know them and spend time with them and see them grow!!

Carlos got to baptize his little brother, Tommy.
This family is so tender and loving to each other.
Love them so much. 

Birthday party for Tommy!

A big happy early anniversary to my wonderful parents! 23 YEARS! I love you guys so much and I hope you have the chance to celebrate together before dad leaves for Slovakia! You guys are the greatest parents and I am so thankful for everything you have taught me and given me. HUGE hugs and kisses to both of you!!!
Second of all, Copa America 2015 has been going on in case anyone is living under a rock. haha. Its been pretty dang cool to be here for it. As missionaries, we have to change our schedules for those days and do most of our proselyting in the morning and afternoon and our studies in the evening because 1. absolutely no one wants to talk to us when its game time and 2. it gets a little (a lot) sketchy/craycray in the streets of Puente Alto. No kidding. These Chileans are CRAZY about their pride for their country and I absolutely LOVE it. Let me tell you, it is the craziest thing, walking down the streets during game time, with the air literally FULL of smoke (no not because of the santiago smog) but because of the ASADOS (bbqs). And then you hear the simultaneous cheers and screams from EVERY house. We were studying last night when Chile won against Peru and had the windows open so we could tell if they were going to win or not. WELL LET ME TELL YEAH it was very obvious that Chile won with all the screaming and howling and sirens and blowhorns and chanting for a full on hour after the game ended. hahaha i love it. 

we had an asado... all done by Argentines.
amaaazing. love these girls.

Hermana Jimenez! love this girl. 

Hermana Sullenger sent this pic to her family and said:  ​Hermana Randall and I!
My favorite, she is AMAZING she sings if you want
to look up her name on Youtube Kenzie Randall:) 

where we had our pday with president this past week! i
t was such a BEAUTIFUL day!

This week has been a week full of little blessings and little miracles. We have had the opportunity to have many new investigators who seem to be very willing and very anxious to learn about the gospel. Two of our new investigators, Samuel and Pascal, have just BLOWN our minds with how prepared they are to receieve the gospel in their lives. Its incredible how the Lord sends people our way when they are ready, and when we are donig the things that we should be doing. The mission has its ups and downs, but Im so thankful for the things that I have been learning and I hope that I can continue to grow through this process.
The members are SO good to us...
Hermano Barrios in our ward wanted
 to bring us SUSHI for lunch one day...
the best sushi ive ever had. 

                                                       we tried taking a picture of our zone.... hahahaha 

Kade, Koy, and Eli, I love you guys so much. Dont you ever forget it! I hope you are all enjoying your summer, and how that you guys have the opportunity to spend time with each other! never take this time of your lives for granted!!! the family is the best thing on earth. 
Mom and Dad, I love you guys more that you will ever know. Thank you for everthing you have helped me with, thank you for your patience with me. I cant wait to give you the biggest hugs ever in 12 months!
Hermana Randall