Tuesday, March 17, 2015

HOLA FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!! I hope youve all had a wonderful week...Im getting on the computer late because the computers were all full at the place that we normally go to, so we had to RUN across town to another place! I love you guys so much though. I hope you know that. Im going to try and send some pictures too!!

The grapes are delicious here!

First of all...Eli boy!! Ive been thinking about you a lot this week, especially yesterday! AH Im so glad that you did such a great job at passing the sacrament! I wish I couldve been there!! FOR REAL! Mom and Dad both said that you looked so confident, like you had been doing it for years! Thats awesome, bud. Eli, the priesthood is going to be such a blessing in your life! These past couple of weeks, Ive needed blessings because Ive been so sick, and its AMAZING how much comfort they give! Holding the Aaronic Priesthood is the first BIG step and Im so so SO proud of you!!! So is our Heavenly Father. 

Kade, I heard all about how great Eli´s ordination went, and I just want to say how PROUD of you I am. Being a worthy priesthood holder is such an honor and a priveledge. Seriously. Being on my mission, I have already seen so many miracles take place through the laying on of hands. Always remember how SPECIAL and PRECIOUS the power of the priesthood is. AH I wish so badly that I couldve been there. For real. SO BADLY. Btw, thank you soooooo so so so much for you card, Kade. I loved it. It made me cry, as always.

Koy, I hope you're having fun skiing right now. I loved getting a separate email from you all the way from Colorado! Thanks for thinking of me bud! Don't break anything okay, and have fun with Blaze and his family. They seem like such good people! Mothers Day isnt too far, right?
My PICTURE WALL....this gets me through the rough days!

Mom, WOW where do I even begin??? I miss you soooooooo flipping much its not funny!! Haha like really, youre the best, mom. First of all, I read your email today while we were out and about and I promise Ill try and do better about giving details about my life!!! I keep forgetting to do that because I wanna know how YALL are doing! My week has been a little better than last week, but not a whole lot. When I dont eat, I feel fine! But when I eat things that upset me...still trying to figure those things out...I feel so sick. Its really frustrating. I only eat rice, oatmeal, boiled chicken, noodles, bread, and the occasional fruit like apples and bananas. but some members dont really understand that other stuff makes me sick. UGH! Im still trying to figure it out. 

 We havent moved yet...we have to be out of our house this Wednesday, and we didnt end up getting the house that we needed, so we have to go live with some other Hermanas for a while until we can find a new one!! 
Today we went to visit some other Hermanas....had a blast!

All of my chocolate melted on the way here!!! hahaha

A typical day in the life of Hermana Randall goes like this: We wake up at 7:30 here, because Chileans get started much later in the day! We have 30 minutes of exercise in the morning and then an hour to get ready for the day!! During this time, its really nice to just take my time preparing, clean up some things, listen to music while getting ready...stuff like that. At 9, we begin personal study for an hour WHICH IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER. After that, we have companion study for 2 hours because Im training, and then at 12, we have language study! One thing I love about our mission, well the Chile missions, is that they put a big emphasis on language study for EVERYONE, including Latinos. The church has an English program with books and lessons, so during lang study, Latinos study and practice English! Its wayyyy cool. Normally we have lunch around 1:30 with a member of our ward. Lunch is the main meal of the day here, so when we eat, it usually keeps me full for most of the day!! For the rest of the day, we have appointments with members, less actives, recent converts, and investigators. Around 9:30 PM we head back to the house to be back by 10 or 10:30 at the latest. Thats when we start daily planning, which is VERY important!! Then were in bed by 11:30. I honestly love the missionary schedule, because Im never too tired, but never TOO rested to where Im totally out of it. Hahaha never thought Id say that!!!
Hermana Garcias converts from her last sector, ñuñoa, came to visit her on Sunday!!!! Theyre amazing!

Dang, I was so happy to hear about this past Sunday. It sounded like a REALLY great one!! From what Ive heard, Carina sounds so awesome! If shes anything like Brittan, she must be really great! I cant wait to meet her, and Im sooo happy the boys were able to go to that fireside.

Wow, this past week has been crazy for me, in a wonderful way. My testimony has grown so much, mom. I have had SO many prayers answered....directly. Ive noticed that it wasnt something that happened suddenly, byut very gradually. I just have to do my part. I want you guys to know that I love this Gospel more than anything. My Savior is my best friend. Every time I read the Book of Mormon, I feel this incredible joy that I cant even begin to describe. Its nothing like Ive ever felt before. Im so beyond grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary. As dificult as it is, I woundlt trade it for anything. 

I miss you so much mom! I got the package last week and loved it SO much. Thank you for sending it! I dont think theres anything else I need........I want to say candy and junk food, but my tummy cant take that!!!!!! I hope I get yours and dads letters tomorrow! I miss you so much!
Really cool wall in Cordillera! Love what it says!

Dad: Dad!! How in the world are you?? I miss you I miss you I miss you like CRAZY!!! I hope you know that!! I cant wait to hear about your trip to Houston! Tell the Brechters that I say hi, okay?? Thank you so much for taking care of the missionaries like that....now that I AM one, I realize how important ward members are!!! They are such a HUGE support to us and I honestly had no idea. Theres this one family in our ward....theyre converts of two years, Hermano Mario and Hermana Sara. They have to kids and hes the ward mission leader. Theyre AMAZING and so loving and so kind and so enthusiatic!! We have lunch with them every Friday.... not only does she cook like an angel, but theyre always willing to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to help us, even if its inconvenient for them! Granted, half of the time I cant understand what theyre saying, but that doesnt matter! I still feel their love and thats what counts right now!!! 

My Spanish is.... progressing. Little by little. Honestly, Im pretty frustrated with it. Sometimes I feel like Ive plateaued SO hard. It doesnt help that sometimes I feel like poor Hermana Garcia gets frustrated with me asking her to help me or translate for me all the time. DANG DAD!
Metro this morning

YES everyone has cellphones here, Dad. Its crazy! Even if their house is tiny and they dont have many things, they ALWAYS have a cell phone and a TV!!!! Its the craziest thing ever! We ride the micros and the metros all the time!!!! Hahahaha every time Im on the micro, I feel like Im going to die. The drivers are insane. CRAZY I tell ya!!!! The Metro is really nice though....but when you go early in the morning during TACO TIME when everyone is going to school and work, its like sardines. I had my first experience like that this past week and it was crazy. For an entire 20 minutes I was squished so hard between two people that I thought I was going to pass out or throw up. Hahahaha I was thinking of you the whole time!!
OH, tell this to mom too...but our roommates had a baptism this past Sunday and I played the piano for a musical number and then at Zone Conference, Hermana and President Wright asked me to put a musical number together with our pension!!! Its way cool! I love playing the piano so much, Dad. Its such a comfort and a stress reliever for me! 
I love you so much!!!! And miss you like crazy! 
Hermana Jimenez and Hermana Mayor...their investigator Nelly was baptized this Sunday! It was so beautiful! Hermano Mario, our ward mission leader, baptized her.

Me and my roommates

Well, I pray you all have a great week and I can't wait to talk to you hear from you again next week! I miss you all soo

Hermana Randall

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