Tuesday, May 12, 2015

hola como estaiii
In case you were wondering, thats some Chilean spanish for ya. 

Well, I dont want to save the best part for last....I LOVED SKYPING WITH THE BEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD LAST NIGHT! It was the sweetest experience for me, but definitely scared me at how much you boys are growing up. Its only been 5 months and holy cow, you guys are turning into men and I dont like it! But Im seriously so pround of the MEN that you are becoming. I love and look up to you so much! It was really funny because as soon as I heard your guys' voices, and heard someone say, "mom, stop..." I felt at home. hahaha I love our family. I sobbed my eyes out for a solid 5 min and had makeup running all down my face!! They thought I was crazy! dang i had missed you guys way to much. i felt like i was right back at home!

This week has been rough, but it has been worth it. With every freshly new companionship there comes challenges and adjustments, of course. I expected that. As hard as this transition has been, I feel like the best that I can do is just pray and ask for patience. Every companion that I have had and am going to have has something to offer me...there is something that I need to learn from the experiences that I have with them, from their different way of growing up, from the way that they handle stress...etc. Thats definitely easier said than done and i would be lying if I said that I dont get frustrated and that its all rainbows and flowers haha. BUT theres something that the Lord needs me to learn, and maybe there is something that I can offer to my companions as well.
my windowsill...that temple is the temple in guayaquil, ecuador....
where lexis serving and it makes me think of her! love you lex!

Well, we have two new baptismal dates with a girl names Pamela and Veronica for June 7th. They are both amazing girls, both have kids and are both divorced. Its crazy to see the peace that the Gospel brings to their lives. We had a lesson with Pamela this week....and at the end of it she was explaining to us that its just the craziest thing, because when she is with us, she has the craziest, best feeling inside...that its something different that she has never felt before. It was a great experience for me to be able to tell her that that feeling that she has, is the Holy Ghost and he testifies of truth and that those feelings that she was having, the reason why she was on the verge of tears and didnt know why, was because of that. She is a great woman with great faith, and I am really looking forward to teaching her again and having her progress! Its the kind of thing that I want SO bad for her because I know how much peace its going to bring her, I know how happy she is going to be.

LANGUAGE WISE, this week has been awesome. Its been a GREAT blessing having a companion who only speaks Spanish and who happens to be very patient as well. I feel like I can actually communicate with people, have an actual conversation with these people. Yeah, it might not be super advanced, but my understanding has come along so much. I have so much more confidence now, because of it! I have really truly grown to love my ward so much, and Im starting to feel a part of it now. The ward members are so supportive and so loving to me. We have a FANTASTIC youth group, who are always willing to help us when we need it! I love the mission, and i love Cordillera! this place is amazing, and I consider it such a priviledge to serve here.

This scripture has come to mean a lot to me on my mission...for more than one reason. Don't forget it...
"Y ésta es la confianza que tenemos en él: que si pedimos alguna cosa conforme a su voluntad, él nos oye." 
1 Juan 5:14
Hermana Randall
my companion is somewhat of a master chef. haha 
but honestly, I really love her cooking. 
typical honduranian meals, apparently! love it.

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