Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hi my dearest family,

This week has been crazy, let me tell you. first of all, I need to apologize for not having time to write you guys individually. Today has been ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, the metro stopped working as me and my new comp were on our way back from dropping Hermana Garcia off at the office, and so we were stuck for a solid hour, PANICKING to get back so we could write to our families and get things done on pday! Luckily, Hermana Wright gave us a little more time to do these things. 

Hermana Garcia, my beloved mother of my mission, is officially on the road to being HOME. I just have to brag about her. She is literally the greatest. You know you have the best companion when she is leaving you, and your heart hurts the SAME way that you did when you left your family to come on your mission. My heart HURT because i love her so much...she was HOME to me these past 12 weeks. She has truly become one of my best friends, someone I can trust, someone I can count on, someone I know will always be there for be and I cant thank her enough. These past few days have been very difficult, seeing her pack her things, seeing her say goodbye to the people that she loves an cares about so much, but I am so happy that she gets to see her family again. SO PROUD of the woman that she has become! YOURE THE BOM.COM HERMANA GARCIA!
Hermana Garcia with Samuel, our investigator.
They have a really special friendship and
he was VERY sad to see her leave!!

one last time before Hermana Garcia left. 

Our new Ward Mission Leader, Hermano Hector Leon.
He is a FANTASTIC human being, thats for sure!
So grateful for the chance to get to work with him!!!

Well, I got my new companion and she is pretty dang awesome, too. Im sorry i dont have any pictures with her, but I will send some next week!!! Her name is Hermana Valladares and shes from Honduras. She is 25 years old, is a dentist, and has a year in the mission. Her entire mission she has been in ONE sector which is a CRAZY long time. But she is so sweet, so sincere, and knows 0 English...so this is going to be very interesting. But I truly am thrilled. I already feel closer to the people in my ward and sector because now I AM THE ONE having to do all of the talking and communicating. I am very excited for the week to come, but also very nervous!!
I have to say, Momma: first of all, I am more than ecstatic to see you, Dad and the boys on Sunday. I cant describe my excitement. But I NEED to thank you for being the incredible mother that you are. You have made me...well, ME! You are my best friend, my number one fan, and I dont know what I would be doing in life if I didnt have you as a mother. Heavenly Father knows me better than I could ever know myself, and knew that I needed not anyone else, but YOU. I thank my Father in Heaven every day for the blessing of having you as my momma forever. I miss your hugs, your kisses, your singing, your crazy driving, your cravings for food (i know where i get it from), your everything! thank you for being you, mom. you are the greatest. 

EVERYONE, I hope you have the chance to be with or talk to your mom on Mothers Day. They truly are special women. Remember to thank God every day for the blessing of your mom!!!!! 

I love you guys so much you have no idea. I cant wait to print out all of your emails and read them this week!!! OH AND I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOUR FACES AND HEAR YOUR VOICES ON SUNDAY. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????? 
Well, on Sunday at 8 o clock my time, i will be skyping you guys. If for some reason something happens and I dont, it will be around 9ish. Well be at Familia Ponce de Leons house...theyre amazing. they feed us every thursday!!! IM SO EXCITED!!! I promise i will try to control my sobbing/crying because i want to talk as much as possible with you guys. i love you to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i miss you so much. 
Hermana Randall

Familia Alarcon Pino...we go over to their house every Sunday.
They were like family to Hermana Garcia
and now they are like family to me! 

I love Ceci! So glad I have the privildge to stay here
in Cordillera and continue this relationship with her.

Hna Garcias recent convert Patricia and her precious sister, Ceci.
I love them so much and have grown so close to them!

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