Thursday, August 20, 2015


Lets play "What sickness does Hermana Randall have this week?"
Ulcers...? No. Tonsilitis...? No. Sinus infection...? YES! hahahaha
Its okay, we can all make a joke out of how my body is completely failing on me. hahah. But no, in all seriousness, Im okay, Im alive! Just a little sick and on my 3rd antibiotic this month, is that healthy?:::::::)
Its so funny because everyone, knowing that I say Im "from Alaska" (sorry, Texas), theyre all questioning me because my body isnt really responding like Ive lived in cold weather before. hahaha. 
I thought I would show you where we spend
HOURS AND HOURS of studying every day :)

Well, this past week we had a Zone Conference with President Morgan, and let me just say, he is fantastic. What was cool about it was that I actually got the chance to sing "Lead Kindly Light" or "Divina Luz" as a musical number (started crying at the end, of course). BUT President asked me to perform it AGAIN this week, in front of half of the mission, in a conference with Elder Gonzalez of the Seventy. WOW. Im super excited and feel so honored, but Im super nervous because at this point, I dont know how Im even going to sing!

I have the worst memory ever, but I cant remember if I told you guys that Hermana Maxfield, my companion from the CCM, is living with me? She replaced Hermana Sullenger who is from a different sector, even a different ZONE but we live in the same house, weird I know. But its been super great to have her to talk to.... reminds me of how much I actually appreciated her tenderness and sweetness. 
Me and Hermana Maxfield at the MTC

Found out that my family went to Florida for the first time ever just now and I think there is a hole in my heart. hhahaha nah just kidding mom, dont even worry. I know how guilty/bad you feel :) But im so glad you guys are enjoying your time! You have no idea how much I miss and love you guys like crazy. crazzzzyyy.
Hermana Randall

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