Sunday, August 16, 2015

HOW ARE YOU GUYS? I hope youre enjoying the wonderful Texas summer (ha just kidding I know its miserable). This week has been better than the last week. Wanna know why? Well, just wait a minute...

First of all, whoever told me that "when it rains in Santiago the streets turn into rivers" was a liar. The streets turn into flippin oceans. I kid you not! It is the craziest thing I have ever seen in my life.....hahahaha the cars are literally swimming and for some reason I find that the funniest thing ever. Earlier this week it was raining SUPER hard and me and Hna. Valladares had to go to the center of Santiago for an appointment. Welp, we came up from the metro and I literally couldnt believe how much water there was. Funny thing was, I wasnt wearing rainboots (I actually dont have rainboots) so when we took the micro and finally had to get off, the water was literally up to our knees and it was so freezing cold that I had a mini flash-back to when we were on trek in Alaska and us teenagers, dressed up as Pioneers, had to cross the glacier-fed rivers. Miserable. But instead of complaining, Hna. Valladares and I were literally laughing our heads off. It was a pretty great, painful moment.

Second of all, Beatrice Andrea was BAPTIZED THIS SUNDAY and it was the most wonderful experience.

We're braiding Beatrice's hair!

It was EXTRA great because I had been planning on singing in her baptism, but I wanted it to be a suprise, since shes ALWAYS asking me to sing! Well, after the first two talks, Hno. Hector, our ward mission leader, announced that I was going to sing a special musical number and Betti whipped her head around at me with her mouth gaping! hahaha I walked up to the stand and was super nervous because I was going to sing "I Know When I Am Baptized" BUT in espaƱol, ya know. Soooo I sang "Cuando me bautice" without practicing beforehand because what is time? I dont have it. Anyway, as I began to sing, Betti's eyes WELLED up with tears. I had to look down at the words to make sure I was singing the right thing and the next this I know, Beatrice is sobbing with her hands on her face, looking at me, and I just got the warmest feeling inside. Her  mom (who is also named Beatrice) was crying too, and I looked around at the people that were there and so many people were crying. Its always been so interesting to me how strong and powerful music is. Its touch is so influential. During this moment, the Spirit was so strong, and I know He testified to every single person in that room.The rest of the baptism was beautiful.

Beatrice bore her testimony after, saying she was so thankful that we came to their house that one day, a little more than a month ago...that we changed her life. But obviously WE didnt do anything. It was all the Spirit, it was all this Gospel. It changes people. It changes families. (Little somethin extra= Hna. Valladares and I looked like complete noobs. We forgot to bring a towel so we had to dry off pobrecita Beatrice with paper towels and she was shivering and we were all laughing. hahahaha you live and you learn right)
Beatrice and Johvanny, the guy who baptized her. Hes about to leave on his mission in 2 weeks!

Beatrice with her mom and grandma

 Well, I love you guys so much. Thank you for all of your support..... you will never ever know how much I appreciate it. I LOVE YOU

Hermana Randall

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