Sunday, August 9, 2015


This week has been a crazy one. Full of ups and downs...the usual. But FANTASTIC NEWS! If everything goes according to plan, Beatrice, our investigator thats 12 years old, will be baptized this Sunday! I have faith that she is prepared to make this big step! I have just fallen in LOVE with her and her mom, they are so sweet, and so loving. But I STILL dont have a picture with them... I promise to get pictures to you as soon as possible! We have another family, the Garate family--Samuel, Gloria, and Pascale, who have baptism dates, and I just love them so much. Every time we are over at their house, they give us EVERY different kind of food to eat, they always want to make us happy and I just love it. Their challenge is making it to church--that seems to be EVERYBODYS challenge. Its incredible how the attendance in our ward plummates when its raining Sunday morning! haha. I  guess I never really realized how important it is to go to church every Sunday so that we can partake of the sacrament BEFORE the mission. Sad, right?? haha that was something I needed to learn!

I received some really good news this week... after a lot of thinking and talking to the husband of one of our investigators about his mission, I decided this week to call my new mission president, President Morgan who is an absolute angel, and talk to him about the proposition of having a ukulele. You know what he told me? That is was a fantastic idea! That he knows firsthand that the Spirit can touch people so strongly through music. IT MADE ME THE HAPPIEST PERSON EVER! (Other part of the I had been really looking forward to getting a ukulele, i bought one today, brought it home, started tuning it, and then bam one of the strings broke. woohoo yay me.) Also, our stake is having a really cool activity called The Voice Cordillera.... and missionaries can participate! If you know me, you already know that Im signed up :)

I love you guys so much, Im sorry I dont have any pictures to send!! BUT you all should look up Nunca Pense por David Archuleta en YouTube.... its a new song in Spanish, but its amazing...its about Family History!!! You gotta do it!! 

Hermana Randall

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  1. Hna. Randall,
    I am soooo excited to see you are on a mission! Use those talents!
    -Robert (Bob) Scott
    Formerly of Rexburg now living in Lehi, UT