Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hello All,

I miss and love you so much, I hope you all know that. Your emails made me smile so big today! I cant thank you guys enough for always writing me and making me feel so loved. Yall are the best!

Well, this week has been pretty good. I actually had a really really cool experience that I want to share! So, for some reason, this week has been really hard for me language wise. I think its because Im slowly realizing that in 2 weeks I will be ending my training and my companion will be leaving and then there is a BIG possibility that I might train. Even if I dont, I will be the leading companion cuz I am the only one who knows the sector! Not going to lie, I have been freaking out a little bit. Haha. The usual! Ive definitely been questioning my ability to learn the language, and I have DEFINITELY been lacking in the confidence and patience areas. But I have realized that...why the heck am I scared or nervous or terrified? Because I am never truly going to be on my own. The Lord is always with me, and if He knows I can do it, then I need to believe in myself as well! 
Kenz didn't send any pics this week...so I chose this one! :)

We were in a lesson with one of our investigators Jimena this week. She has a complicated situation...married but separated from her husband, but dating and living with a man who is less active. Shes been through many different pairs of missionaries and has never committed to being baptized because of how complicated everything is. Well, in this lesson, the Spirit was so strong and I could understand almost everything she was saying...and thats saying something because her speech is very mushy and slurry and hard to understand haha. Scriptures that I had been studying throughout the week were coming to mind, that fit together PERFECTLY with what I wanted to say and what she needed to hear! And then, I felt this crazy impression to ask her to be baptized, even though Hermana Garcia had never told me to, and actually said that we shouldnt because of the situation and needing to work things out. WELL I just flat out asked her, because it just felt right. Next thing I know, shes looking at me, shaking her head yes with tears in her eyes. She was like "Yes, I want to get baptized! Yes yes yes." It was such a testimony building experience to me, to not only recognize a prompting from the Spirit, but to act on it. I realize that our Heavenly Father knows everyone, He knows what everyone needs to hear. Thats why its so important to listen to the Spirit, because that is how our Heavenly Father testifies of His truths. Im so grateful for this experience!
I love you guys so much, and I hope this week is great!!
AND this one! :)

Koy, I miss you like craaaaaazy dude. Im so glad that basketball and school is going well. You deserve the best! AND DUDE. I will read the BOM with you! 65? Lets do it!!! I promise you, the Book of Mormon has changed my life! Its such a blessing and such a strength! I will start over tomorrow!!!

Eli...bud you always crack me up!! I cant believe he brought back KINDER EGGS!!! THOSE ARE MY FAV. They have kinder chocolate bars here, but not actual eggs. How BORING is that?? Im so glad to hear youre doing such a great job in basketball, ya freaking beast. I love you tons!
Kade!! First of all, Im so excited about your trip with Alec to go to prom with Maddy! Thats going to be a freaking BLAST... something that you will remember for the rest of your life! Haha Im glad youwere about to make some money from Sis Almond! That sounds like an awesome hookup. AAAAHHHH dude you have got to keep me updated with alecs mission call okay?? I love you!

Dad! Im seriously so glad to hear that your trip went well. Is it okay to say that IM SO JEALOUS you were in Europe. I miss the Germany days so much. AND I miss the Alaska days. we were so fortunate to live in such amazing places. Hearing that story of Ivan Bily was inspriing. Youre right, it makes me feel so fortunate to be an American. I love Chile, I really do...but it has made me appreciate where i come from, where home is, so i definitely know what you mean. I love you so much, dad! You have no idea! Im sending a letter to you this week, so be on the look out for one!!! 

email convo: Koy wants to know how coke tastes there?
Kenz: hahahaha honestly I havent tasted a difference in the Coke but people LOVE it here. Still not a fan. Oh, so yall know how much I don't like cilantro...Well, the other day I had a soup with literally TEN POUNDS of cilantro in it and i was praying the entire time that I would be able to swallow it and not PUKE!!!!

Love you all,

Hermana Randall

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