Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hey my wonderful family!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend, and I hope that you were able to watch General Conference! I just have to say... I am SO grateful for the knowledge of a living Prophet and Apostles. Those men are inspired, and are so in tune with the counsel of our Father in Heaven. We are SO LUCKY to have the opportunity to listen to their messages!!! I learned so so so much from them, and my testimony grew in so many ways. I know President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, and he truly is a good, good man!
letter Kenz wrote during conference

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Brother Cottam, my Dads TRAINER on his mission. CRAZY, right? It was the coolest experience...and I pretty much cried the whole time! (Tears of joy, always.) We were able to talk about their companionship, their mission, my dad as a missionary, and it was really incredible. I never ever dreamed I would have this experience, but I am so thankful for it. Daddy,  I cant even tell you how AMAZING it was to meet Brother Cottam and to hear him talk about you and your experiences together. It was really comforting to talk to him honestly, and made me feel close to you distance wise, for a brief moment! Im so thankful for that experience of meeting him, and am so grateful that I might be able to see him again soon! He gave me his business card and said if there was anything I needed, anything at all, to call him WHENEVER and he would help me. Im so grateful for him dad!
Brother Cottam and I! This man is truly amazing,
and I am so thankful for his kindness!!
Dad, I know you are headed to Slovakia right now, and that is SO COOL! Please take pictures and send them next week!!! Thats going to be such a cool adventure, even if its really really quick. I have been thinking about doing a study abroad when I get back...like in Europe or even Jerusalem or somewhere! Other cultures just fascinate me!!!!
Dad, I thought conference was soooo good. Its really special, being a missionary. This calling is so sacred, and comes with very special and sacred responsibilities and oppotunities and I feel like my spiritual mind is so much broader. That I am able to think of things in more of an eternal perspective and it has given me so much strength. Watching conference just blew my mind because I felt like I just soaked everything up! Im so glad you guys had the opportunity to watch it too!! Crazy that we were basically watching it together. I really really was drawn to Elder Nielsens talk too...lets just say it made me very emotional. It just shows me that those men really are inspired, and so are their messages!! I love you so much, dad. I hope you know that! I cant wait to talk to you in a month. ITS GOING TO BE SO GREAT!!!! I hope you have a great week, and cant wait to hear about it!!!! Love you!!!!
Me and Hermana Garcia (with my brand new
 awesome bag)  in Cordillera!

Well, this week I learned something very important. It was something I always knew, actually. But now, its engrained in my head because I have actually experienced it. If we want to know the Savior, if we want to have a relationship with him, we need to have faith and search for it. We cant just sit around, waiting for it to come! Ha, sounds pretty obvious right? I just have to say that I have searched and searched and YEARNED for this relationship and I know that through simple Gospel principles, like studying the scriptures, praying with real intent, and acting on faith, we CAN have this relationship with the Savior...we just need to demonstrate our loyalty to him. Nurturing your testimony a little bit every day will make the biggest difference, I promise! 

This cute little sign in Cordillera....
 I think I take too many pictures.

The language is continuing to come, sometimes I forget how to say prayers in English, so thats a good sign, right? My companion is amazing, and Im really sad that shes going home in 4 weeks, especially since I will be left with more responsibility and that makes me nervous. But I know that it is through the Lord that I can do all things, and I have complete faith in Him. I love you guys so much!!! So Im on antibiotics.... Hermana Wright and Dr Johnson, our mission doctor, I guess had talked with some other doctors and decided that there were too many missionaries in our mission that had ulcers for it to be a coincidence, so they thought it was a bacteria....A doctor hasnt checked up on me since Dr Johnson a month ago.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!! LOVE YOU

Hermana Randall

Had intercambios in Florida this past week,
 and it was the most beautiful day

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