Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hello my dear family.

I miss you all so much... like crazy. I dont think I will ever get past the point of missing you guys. Im so glad to hear that schools out and that you guys get to rest finally! HA just kidding we know rest isnt a thing in the Randall family. Kade and Eli, I hope you guys are enjoying your camps this week! I cant wait to hear about them! And Koy, I hope youre enjoying life at home this week as an only child :)

This week has been pretty hard. I have felt like I am being tested all of the time and its got me pretty discouraged. The mission is NOT all rainbows and butterflies haha. There are definitely times when I feel like theres a raincloud following me around all day. BUT through all of this I am thankful. At least, I am trying to be. I know that these trials, these difficulties that I am going through are for my own good. That in the end, Im going to look back on this time and cherish it because im going to see HOW much I truly grew. But for now, Ive just got to rely on the grace of my Savior to help strengthen me. 

Today I am very thankful for my companion. She has been a rock solid support for me. Its funny how God knows exactly who and what I need, even when I think I know whats better. We had the opportunity to take some recent converts to tour the temple grounds this week and it was a really great experience! I not only felt the Spirit, but I got to develop some really great relationships with the members in my ward and it was very fulfilling for me. 

Finally, family, friends, acquaintances. I just want you all to know of my love for the Book of Mormon. It has changed me as a person. It has constantly given me answers to my questions. If you have not read the Book of Mormon, or dont know what it is, I encourage you to read it! Read it because it is the most correct book on this Earth, a book with a very special and sincere promise. If you've read the Book of Mormon, great!!! i encourage you to read it EVERY day and not only read it, but study it. You will notice a difference.

I love you all!!!

Hermana Randall

 The verduleria where we buy our fruit every pday! its th cutest... haha

We had intercambios with Hermana Vasquez from Peru (from Pirque). Love these girls.

mi corazon
And as always, Im a huge fan of Hermana Jimenez.
 She CRACKS me up, and allllways makes me smile. So thankful for her!

Hermana Amarel (who i met on facebook before the mission
and was in my district in the CCM)
 was one of our guides for the temple grounds tour!!
I love her to death!

Me and Hermana Valladares with Ceci! 

Our group at the temple!! We went with Patricia and her sister Ceci.
They are both angels and I love them so much.
It was such a great experience because the Spirit was so strong. 

Carlos is about to turn 18 and hes getting his mission papers ready!
Its really funny because he REALLY wants to go to the
States on his mission, so he is ALWAYS wanting to practice English!

 At the temple with a recent convert, Joaquin, and a member in our ward, Carlos!

The temple at dusk...beautiful!

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