Tuesday, June 16, 2015

i love you guys so much!

I was so glad to read all of your emails...thank you so much for all of your strength. I sincerely believe that Heavenly Father talks to me sometimes through other people, and it was so good and so comforting to read your words. Have I mentioned that I miss you guys so much? Cuz its true. 

Some really interesting things happened this week. Where do I start? WELL first of all, Hermana Mayor, my roommate from Argentina that Ive lived with for 5 months is going home :( Turns out her ankle issure that she has been having for about 2 months was actually a lot worse than everyone said and she has to go home for recovery. That was pretty sad, but were excited for her to get better so that she can come back out!! NEXT we have an investigator named Franco, who is a 17 year old who is friends with a member of our ward. We went over to his house this week to meet with him and guess what he said to me? He goes, "Hermana, listen...I dont want to sound creepy, but I think I know you." Yeah, totally sounded creepy, but next he yelled, "I HAVE SEEN ALL OF YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS. YOURE AMAZING." Hahahahaha craziest thing ever. Its crazy when you feel like a nobody sometimes, a gringa lost in Chile, and then someone says they KNOW you...the you before the mission. So that happened. Then later on in the week we were at a recent converts house, Patricia, and she said, "You will never believe who I was just watching on YouTube. Some girl named Kenzie Randall....." You can imagine how shocked I was because I have NEVER mentioned anything, but turns out she was on Facebook and saw an ad for me? Im not sure. THEN you will never believe. The other Hermanas in our ward were visiting a family yesterday night.... and apparently I was on some news channel in Chile. They played my video and said that I was a talented solo artist on YouTube.... Anyway, they paused the TV and took a picture with me! CRAZY, right?? I definitely never expected any of this to happen!

Random story... Today a drunk girl came up to us and started hugging us and calling us angels. She started telling us these crazy stories and would just sling herself on us and start kissing our cheeks but when I say kissing, they were not pecks. We had slober all over our face it was awful. It was probably the weirdest experience ever. hahahaha. 

Well, this week I am very grateful for the tender mercies from my Heavenly Father. I was on divisions in Diego Portales this week and I was with Hermana Rivero and we were teaching a less active member, and she wanted to share a video with her from LDS. org. She was trying to describe it to me, and I literally didnt understand anything. But when she pulled it up, it was the video thats called "The Light of Christ" I think...the one about the guy telling his life story while hes walking in the desert? hahaha sounds crazy but we watched it together before the mission. DANG it was something that I needed to hear. Ive learned that when we have trials in life, and were praying for the burden to be lifted, we often dont receive that freedom of the trial, but the Lord gives us little assurances, little tender mercies. Elder Bednar said that these assurances "do not occur randomly or merely by coincedence. Faithfulness and obedience enable us to receive these important gifts and frequently the Lords timing helps us to recognize them." I know that is true. No matter how much I struggle, the Lord is always going to help me if I just keep trying. He will never leave me, He never leaves any of us. 
i have a weakness for dogs.
always petting them.
always loving them

I love you all so much and Im so thankful for your support. You will never understand how much you mean to me.

Hermana Randall

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